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Cynthia is the empath's guide to marketing a soul-driven business.

On top of web design and social media support, Cynthia is a certified Life Coach, Life Purpose Coach, perpetual tourist, and avid consumer of coffee.

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Thoughtful insights, intuitive tools, and sometimes playful experiences.

My work focuses on finding a way through or around intuitive blocks so you can define a brand that is aligned with your vision.




Web Design

Content Planning

Business Cards

Graphic Support


IP Assets

Socia Media Graphics


Liberate the Brand Within

Liberation Call

Strategy Session

Alignment Session

Gold logo design for Black Days Design An image of natural gemstone bracelet stylized to be consistent with Karlande Designs branding Gold logo design for Eartha Wellness with floral background Rebranded logo and branding for Sophie Michelle RMT Modern logo with a traditional flavour for textile artist Rowena Avery Logo design for Earth and Sky Wellness that was inspired by a sunset and geometric shapes that represent the elements of earth and air Preview of title page for a lead magnet created for Karlande Designs
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what's next?

As an empathic entrepreneur following your intuition, I know there are times you second-guess investing in your soul-calling.

Check out some of my client testimonials for real-life feedback, or visit the FAQ section for more details about my work.

When you're ready, we can schedule a 30 minute Compatibility Call to see if we're a good fit!